Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Fashion

T-minus two days until the Super Bowl. Planning out your gameday menu - check (see here). Planning out your gameday look - ready, set, hike! Firstly, things I question - why isn't the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday? Based on caloric intake alone, I need at least 24 hours before I can fit into something other than elastic. There is nothing more American than spending the day eating and watching football - I would't have it any other way!

Regardless of your affinity to the teams playing in the Super Bowl, everyone and their mother plays along on this day. It's the most watched sporting event of the year and there are two things on my mind - what am I eating and what am I wearing. Side note, I'm also really jazzed to see Katy Perry at half-time - my expectations are high. With a beer in one hand and a nacho in the other, I'll be supporting the New England Patriots in vintage and tulle. I'm hoping it's a winning combo :) READ MORE….

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Jersey: Vintage | Skirt: LOFT (similar) | Bag: Marshalls | Shoes: Charles David | Lip Color: Nars - Turkish Delight

Photography - Cassandra Eldridge Photography

Thanks to Soldier Field for sharing your beautiful facility for this shoot!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Bowl Recipes (My Favorites)

There are three things to an essential Super Bowl Sunday - 1) a good match-up, 2) the game day fashion and 3) the food. Let's be real with one another, Super Bowl is Thanksgiving Part Duex - no less than 4,000 calories are consumed per person or as I like to say, "leave no calorie behind." Do you feel your pants get tighter?!?! 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Super Bowl recipes from noshes to some MIND BLOWING desserts. 

Stay tuned for Fridays game-day fashion post - I'll be sharing my Super Bowl game-day look and my prediction on the game. 

Sunday Game-Day Chili

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cold Shoulder

Snowtorious BIG is all over the news today - the countdown has started and panic has set in. Meanwhile, here in Chicago, we all have big s*&^ eating grins that this storm is nearly blowing dust on our city. It's about time we've been left alone! In other news, with the winter playing nice this year, I've been able to step outside with some peep-toes and cutouts. I've finally been able to put my winter manicure to use - within reason. READ MORE…..

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Sweater: H&M | Pants: Piperlime | Shoes: Joe's Jeans | Clutch: Saks Fifth Ave (similar) | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Lip Color: Nars - Turkish Delight

Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Cozy Chic

We are all victims of the cold Chicago weather. The constant struggle of "what the f can I wear today aside from five winter parkas to protect me from the -40 degrees temps?" We have all been there. About 97% of the winter I voluntary choose to stay at home and never leave - Chibernation if you will. One those days where I feel brave enough to leave the warmth of my home and venture out into Chiberia, I struggle with wanting to make a statement while being functional for the weather. PS Is it me or do you hate every L.A./Floridian blogger that has life form in their photos and not dead trees and alleys with dead rats? I envy them. READ MORE…..

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Jacket: J.Crew | Sweater: GAP | Leggings: BCBG | Shoes: Chinese Laundry | Bag: ASOS | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Lip Color: Nars - Turkish Delight


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